Silvestre Labs® launches a biological dressing Colzen®

Product is indicated for poorly healing wounds

Silvestre Labs® launched in September 2013 the Colzen, biological dressing indicated for burns and wounds from healing as the bloody, leg ulcers and pressure ulcers and diabetic foot, serious complication of diabetes. According to the Ministry of Health, 70% of surgeries for removal of members in Brazil are caused by poorly controlled diabetes: are 55,000 amputations annually. The product, with unique and innovative formulation, 100% developed in Brazil, already has registration at ANVISA and initially attend public and private hospital market.

The innovation of Colzen® is the combination of cerium nitrate, Collagen Type I and Calcium Alginate three extremely important in the healing process components, homogeneously distributed and high biocompatibility. The combination and shape characteristics of the product are unique. The product is only contraindicated for patients who have allergies to any item of their composition.

"Silvestre Labs® already operates in the wounds difficult to solve segment for over 20 years, has strong expertise in the area and their experts have identified a market need for a dressing with the unique characteristics of Colzen®" says Cezar Jones, Commercial Director Silvestre Labs®.

The investment for the three years of development and research of Colzen was more than $ 1 million, with the support of the Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP), linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Silvestre Labs® won approval of product patent in the United States, and has applications in six other countries, including Brazil. But here the analysis of the application and subsequent grant of the patent, should take. According to the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the waiting period has been ten years, ie more than double the period of developed countries. However, the PTO has implemented a series of measures for this period to be reduced to four years by 2015