Silvestre Labs® launches intimate soap Duo Cycles

Two bottles that come with time and the woman's cycle, the product is a new concept in feminine hygiene

An intimate soap that considers a woman's cycle. This is the innovative concept of the Duo Cycles®, product Silvestre Labs®, pharmaceutical company holding Axis Biotec Brazil, launched in October 2013 in Brazil. The product comes to market in two vials of options for intimate hygiene: Duo Cycles® without essence, it provides a sense of cleanliness and well-being in everyday life; and the Duo Cycles Essence® with essence, a differentiated intimate hygiene as it helps to mask the characteristic odor, and promote prolonged feeling of freshness. The release will hit major pharmacy chains in 13 cities.

The green bottle (180 ml​​) of Cycles® Duo is ideal for everyday use. Without essence, provides a sense of cleanliness and well-being and can be used every day. Already the red bottle (70 ml), the Duo Cycles® Essence, can be especially useful in special days and times of the cycle, when its unique essence to be an ally of the woman in an attempt to relieve unpleasant odors. And masking characteristic odors, the essence promotes the feeling of prolonged freshness, and can be used every day, according to the tastes and needs of each woman. The packaging is portable, perfect to carry in the purse.

An important difference is the fact that both have lanolin and glycerin, moisturizing agents to make the skin smoother and softer inner region. Both products have restrictions of use only for patients with sensitivity to the components of the formulation. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and gynecologically