Rio de Janeiro receives Symposium on wounds and burns


On 25 and 26 July, Rio de Janeiro won the Carioca Wound III Symposium, the Symposium Carioca Burns and the First National Forum of Epidermolysis Bullosa. The event, held in the Brazilian College of Surgeons, which met all militate in this practice to discuss and update on various issues involving wound

More than 500 people, including professionals and students in the area, passed through the event. Among the topics discussed were the importance of good healing, Politics of Burns and Wounds, Wound Course, Guidelines and Protocols for Burns, among others. 21 stands, companies showcased the very latest in wound care market.

One of the themes of the symposium were the wounds difficult to solve. More complex cases such as diabetic foot, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers and severe burns require more care to heal. The use of simpler methods demand a longer time, greater patient discomfort and increased treatment costs; increase in the number and duration of hospitalizations, besides frequent use of antibiotics and dressings.

Silvestre Labs® attended the Symposium showing their release: Colzen®, biological dressing indicated for use in all stages of wound care is difficult to solve. Product innovation is the combination of cerium nitrate, Collagen Type I and Calcium Alginate three extremely important in the healing process components, homogeneously distributed and high biocompatibility. The combination is unique shape and characteristics.

The collagen acts directly in the healing process by attracting the wound site to the cells that make the process of formation of new tissue; the alginate keeps the wound environment with the perfect moisture and Nitrate Cerium kills bacteria, and inactivate proteins that hinder the healing process of the injury.
Another advantage of Colzen® is the convenience it brings to the patient. Their exchanges occur every three days, and be fully absorbable, no need to remove it for the application of a new dressing. "The patient comfort is one of our concerns. With the smaller number of exchanges, the patient already suffering with the injury, feels less pain in addition to the acceleration of the closing time of the injury, the patient regains the quality of life, "said Dr. Fabiana Serra.

"Silvestre Labs® already operates in the wounds difficult to solve segment for over 20 years, has strong expertise in the area and their experts have identified a market need for a dressing with the unique characteristics of Colzen®. We have got approval of product patent in the United States, Europe and Japan, "said Graziela Beltrami, Marketing Coordinator Silvestre Labs®.
The investment for the three years of development and research of Colzen® was more than $ 1 million, with the support of the Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP), linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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